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Icmeler has a great history which goes back as far back as 3400 B.C

The Turkish resort town of Icmeler is located approximately 8 kms. outside Marmaris, One of Turkey’s premier vacation resorts. The winding promenade that stretches from here till Marmaris is studded with plush hotels, apartments and budget hotels for your comfort; and fashion shops, bars, restaurant, water sports, and 2 discotheques for your entertainment and pleasure. weekly markets in the older part of the town where you can barter for the perfect deal. do make sure you fit in a few idyllic days soaking up the sun on the beach in Icmeler, to help you unwind and get away from the stresses of everyday life. Then at night try the local food and hospitality with shows of all kind on every night .

Icmeler is a small resort in turkey loved by all, but why is loved by so many
Icmeler is a very beautiful part of turkey with its green plants and beautiful trees all around. Its beaches are fabulous with its sand and clear waters. You cant run out of things to do once on the beach there is to simple be taken away by its amazing temperatures, or you can enjoy sports such as water-skiing, having the time of your life on the ringos and banana boat or canoeing and water . so there is stuff for everyone. Its people are very kind, that’s why the tourists keep coming back its a great place to be and you are made to feel very welcome by all the Turks