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                            Money & travellers cheques

It is recommended that you take a mix of Sterling cash, traveller’s cheques and a small amount of Turkish Lira, (the exchange rate is better in Turkey). If you are taking travellers cheques remember to make a list of serial numbers and keep this separate from the travellers cheques together with contact telephone numbers for the provider of the cheques. It is a good idea to also have to hand the telephone numbers for your credit card providers, in case these are lost at any time during your holiday. Scottish notes are not accepted in Turkey.

                               Passports & Visas

It is your responsibility to make sure that you comply with immigration requirements for your holiday and that your passport is valid for the whole of your stay. A full 10-year passport is required for all travel abroad and your passport should be valid until 6 months after your date of travel. If you need a new passport, call the Passport Office on 020 7279 3434 and apply at least 12 weeks before departure. For UK citizens, it is not necessary to obtain visas before departure on pre-booked inclusive holidays. The visa will be stamped in your passport on arrival.

                            Lost or Stolen Passports:

Please note your passport number before you travel and keep it separate from your passport. We also advise keeping a copy of your passport in a separate place. This will help the local British Consulate to supply a temporary passport at short notice if you lose the original. Report the loss or theft of your passport immediately to the local police, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Consulate, Embassy or High Commission. You can find the details of your local FCO by calling 0870 606 0290 prior to departure, or by visiting www.fco.gov.uk.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Turkish Government levies a 10 per person charge (including Infants) for a visa to all British nationals arriving in Turkey. The amount is payable in sterling cash at the airport prior to passport control. Scottish notes are not accepted. And they prefer non ripped bank notes.

Ii                                insurance

It is necessary you have the correct travel insurance at time of the booking as most travel agents will ask you. That particularly to cover you for medical requirements. Carry the insurance documents with you in your hand luggage. It is also a good idea to review the policy prior to traveling to ensure that it is suitable for your holiday, note the extent of cover provided and the exclusion clauses. sports cover for scuba diving jet skis and alike. Be familiar with the procedures and contact details for getting help from your insurance company when you are overseas.

                              Health requirements

If you take prescribed medicine make sure that you take enough for your stay in Turkey; if possible take a copy of the prescription and carry some or all with you in your hand luggage. Make up a small travellers first aid kit containing small quantities of proprietary upset stomach remedies, travel sickness pills, aspirin or similar, plasters, a dressing, antiseptic cream, insect repellent and burn cream. Check with your GP regarding inoculation requirements, or you can gain advice from the Medical Advisory Service for Travels Abroad (MASTA) available at www.masta.org


Turkey is a secular state that guarantees complete freedom of worship to all religions. The society is very tolerant and welcomes visitors to the spectacular Moslem mosques. As a mark of respect though, all visitors to mosques should remove their shoes, women should cover their heads and arms and not wear mini skirts or shorts and men should not wear shorts.

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